Are there any campgrounds at Basket Lake Camp?
No. There is no available space for camping at Basket Lake Camp. The only way of staying at Basket Lake is to reserve a cabin.
Are there specific fishing restrictions on Basket Lake
There are no “special” restrictions placed on fishermen by the Ministry of Natural Resources. However, per our operating policy, the camp strictly imposes the rule that fishermen MUST NOT keep walleye >18″ in length. Multiple customers have been refused future bookings for not complying with this rule. Ultimately, the rule is meant to protect the Basket Lake fishery and ensure fruitful fishing for years to come. Without a doubt, this rule is why Basket Lake fishing is second to none. We strongly encourage customers to take pictures of their proud catches in order to preserve the memory. 
Are there black bears at the camp?
Yes. The frequency with which bears wander into camp varies from year to year, based on how diligently people ensure that food is not left out around cabins. Black bears can always be found at the nearby dump used by the camp. 
Can I rent a boat and/or motor?
No. The camp is no longer able to supply boats or motors to customers. 
Do all cabins have a shower and bathroom?
Yes. All cabins are outfitted with a full bathroom and shower. Towels are not provided so please ensure that you bring your own, and need not worry, laundry facilities are available at the camp. 
If our motor fails, how far away is the closest repair shop?
The nearest boat motor repair shop can be found in Dryden, Ontario (~50 miles from camp)
If a member of our party needs medical attention, what would you
The nearest boat motor repair shop can be found in Dryden, Ontario (~50 miles from camp)