I hope this finds you well and staying at home if possible.

I finally got back to Canada as I was in Antarctica when this pandemic was declared and presently on a 2 week quarantine

I have been trying to decide what to do about this years season and I would appreciate your input.

My main concerns
1) infection rates continue to rise in Canada and the USA . It took China almost 3 months to see the new cases approach zero..they had much stricter rules that were started very quickly. Now they are having a second wave of infections and have further stopped travel.
I see no reason why the virus will not behave the same way here and we are just at the early stage as government just started to limit travel within Canada and stick social distancing with fines for non-compliance and stopping all non-essential services .

2) there are people that have the virus and do not know so they can spread the virus..neither Canada or the USA have plans to test asymptotic citizens who want to travel and be reassured they will not get ill when out of the country
there is a risk of needing urgent critical care and that care is very limited in Dryden..there is no level 1 Intensive Care

3) I do not want to disappoint you by not opening..you all love the lake and have been so loyal..even after all my rules..but I am worried and to have anyone ill/die on their fishing trip seems like it may not be worth it when we can all meet again next year.

Please email or phone my with your thoughts ..I do not want to wait till the last minute as you may be able to salvage a holiday somewhere closer to home.