1. Deposits to secure reservations are no longer required. However, if you cancel your reservation and we are unable to re-rent your cabin(s), you will need to pay half the base cabin rate for the duration of your reservation.

2. We do NOT sell fishing licenses.

3. You are allowed to bring/use your own gas. Ethanol-free gasoline is available for purchase at the camp.

4. Linens and sleeping bags are NOT provided. However, we do provide pillows and blankets.

5. BBQ grills or deep fryers are NOT provided but you are allowed to bring your own. Most importantly, you must take it inside the cabin at night as they attract bears when left outdoors, which poses a major safety risk.

6. Garbage disposal: ‘wet’ garbage (e.g. leftover food, paper plates)  is collected daily and incinerated but we are not allowed to burn anything else. This means that ALL recyclables (e.g. cans, bottles, glass jars, plastic containers) must return home with you.