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Moose Habitat Around Basket Lake

Parallel to the fishing camp operation run out at Basket Lake, I have started a wildlife conservation organization to focus on maintaining Canada’s greatest resource. While the organization’s long-term vision extends beyond the boundaries of Basket Lake, our initial steps will be to protect the wildlife that lives in and around the lake. Based on what we learn from this process, we will expand this endeavour to other areas of Ontario. To follow the progress of the North Wildlife Foundation, visit here.

Illegal hunting around Dryden

It is truly awful that illegal hunting occurs up in this neck of the woods, and still when it happens, hunters are basically given a fine tantamount to a slap on the wrists.

Illegal hunting, forged documents and exporting wildlife lead to $11K fine

MNR Media Release Two Wisconsin men have pleaded guilty and been fined a total of $11,000 for a number of infractions. Reid Viertel of West Allis was fined $1,000 for wolf hunting without a licence, $750 for having a void export licence, $750 for unlawfully exporting a black bear from Ontario, $2,000 for bear hunting without a licence and $1,500 for two counts of making a false statement to a conservation officer.


Caribou still under threat

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is an organization whose efforts to protect one of the most majestic animals in Canada I¬†strongly support. While the newly elected government is taking steps to correct the horribly decisions made by the previous conservative government, the caribous’ habitat is still far from secure.

Woodland caribou still threatened despite positive signs, annual report says

A report released today by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society shows the woodland caribou are still under threat across the country. But the environmental group believes a change in the political landscape is reason for optimism. This is the third year the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has written a report on the state of woodland caribou.

Fishing license information

Fishing license regulations can change from year to year and it is the duty of the fisherman to know how the rules to them. Follow the link below¬†for official information on this year’s rules.


How to renew or update an existing Outdoors Card or replace a lost, damaged or stolen card. How to get your first Outdoors Card and buy a fishing licence tag. The rules for the size and number of fish you can catch and keep, and how to properly return fish to the water.

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